W4: How to Effectively Sell Data and Yourself to the Business
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  Lee Edwards   Lee Edwards
Strategy Analyst
Ford Motor Company
  Sue Geuens   Sue Geuens
DAMA International


Sunday, March 29, 2015
02:30 PM - 05:45 PM

Level:  Introductory

Learn techniques on how to effectively sell yourself and the benefits of your function to all levels of the organization.

Based on the Communications Framework and white papers developed by DAMA UK Working Groups.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differing techniques and when to use them
  • Personal skills for effective communication
  • Key supporting documents
  • How to read and adapt to prevailing enterprise culture
  • Next steps and pointers for future development

Lee had several years’ business operational experience before discovering a talent for data design and modelling in 1997. As lead Data Architect for the European Enterprise Data Warehouse she successfully incorporated data from several disparate business types across more than 20 different countries into an integrated data model, supporting the business in fulfilling both Management and Regulatory Reporting requirements Lee also worked for 10 years to articulate the need for a cross business data management program campaigning to gain support and ultimately executive approval for the initiative within the European organisation. Passionate about Data Management, Lee works to progress the industry through serving as Chair of DAMA UK and VP Marketing and Communication for DAMA International, regularly speaking at local and international conferences and acting as a mentor for chapter members.

Sue is a Senior Data Management Specialist who has been customer facing for the past 20 years. During this time she has focussed specifically in the financial (banking, insurance, pensions) and telecommunications sectors, gaining immense knowledge and expertise in both. Each year she attends a number of Data Management conferences giving presentations both locally and overseas. Her initial step into the world of data came about in the form of designing and implementing the first registration system for the NHBRC. Since then she has moved on to various businesses and enterprising, always working toward Data Quality and Integrity, which is her passion. Sue was elected President of DAMA SA during January 2009 and was the driving force behind the Inaugural Meeting which was held on 18th February 2009 at Vodaworld in Midrand. Just completed implementing Data Governance at a large SA Telco, Sue has moved her focus to responding to the many challenges facing SA companies with their data

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