Evaluating Data Modelling Tools? Helping You to Decide
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  Christopher Bradley   Christopher Bradley
Chief Data Officer


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Intermediate

The evaluation and selection of a data modelling tool for your organization can be a daunting task. Not only are there numerous technical criteria and requirements, but there are often political, organizational and cultural challenges as well. The place of data modelling in the organization, the types of models to be created (Enterprise, Conceptual, Logical, Physical), and not forgetting any historical considerations e.g, a database administrator may have a "favorite" tool that he has used in the past. The corporate standard might dictate yet another technology, which may not align technically with your particular project. There may be a push to use technical checklists or formal RFPs that may not apply to your individual needs. Information from vendors may be flavored with their own particular strengths, which may not be relevant to your requirements. So how do you sort through all of these conflicting messages to choose the tool that is right for you and your culture?

It is imperative that your organizations’ requirements be fully understood, documented and prioritized, and that the team responsible in the decision process clearly highlights the implications of requirements before the evaluation process gets too far along and is well versed in diplomacy and stakeholder management.

This presentation will describe the factors to consider – technical, organizational and cultural when evaluating a Data Modelling tool and share a simple 10 step process that anyone can adopt.

To avoid frustrations and streamline the decision making process, leverage this 10-step guide to evaluate each data modelling solution best suited for your unique business needs. It will enable the evaluation team to make a strategic and sound decision, and maybe even make you the data modelling evaluation hero.

Christopher Bradley has over 30 years Information Management experience and his career has included the UK Ministry of Defence, Volvo Europe, Thorn EMI, Readers Digest Inc (as European CIO), and Coopers and Lybrand (later PWC) where he established and ran the International Data Management specialist practice. Later he established and ran a UK based Consultancy practice. Chris is currently the Chief Data Officer at FromHereOn. He advises Global organisations including ANZ, TOTAL, ACE, BP, Statoil and Saudi Aramco on Data Governance, Information Management best practice and how organisations can genuinely exploit Information. Chris sits on many assorted Oil & Gas standards bodies, an executive of DAMA, a contributor to DMBoK 2.0, member of the Metadata Professional Organisation (MPO) and holder at “Master” level and examiner for the DAMA CDMP professional certification. He has authored many white papers and co-authored a book.

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