Data Quality for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
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  Yoko Myers   Yoko Myers
Enterprise GIS Technical Lead
County of Los Angeles
  Dan Myers   Dan Myers
Principal Information Quality Educator


Thursday, April 2, 2015
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

Have you ever entered a destination into Google maps and been sent to a whole different State or County? Data quality is very important when dealing with geographic information, especially in emergency situations. This unique session brings together a speaker from the Los Angeles County GIS program and Farmers Insurance data management program - fusing two completely different paradigms.

Attendees will be briefed on:

  • GIS Concepts and Terminology
  • What are the challenges in the GIS data quality
  • Examples of master data used in GIS

Attendees will learn:

  • Where data quality is applicable in GIS
  • How can data governance be applied within the GIS space
  • Recommendations to improve data quality for GIS

Yoko Myers currently servers as a GIS technologist in the County of Los Angeles Enterprise GIS group, leading the administration of the Countywide Geodatabase and building GIS system architecture. Yoko's expertise in complex and highly specialized Geodatabase and GIS concepts also helped complete multiple GIS application development projects in the County of Los Angeles. Before moving to the United States, Yoko worked for Gifu Prefectural (State) Government in Japan for 5 years where she acquired her knowledge and experience of how data becomes important in public administration. Yoko received Master of Public Policy from UCLA School of Public Affairs in 2006.

Dan Myers (MBA, IQCP) is the principal educator of Data Quality Matters, an eLearning company focused on providing information and data quality learning material. Previously Dan worked as an applications developer, data modeler, and manager of data governance/data quality. Dan's fluency in Japanese enabled him to work in both the public and private sector in Japan.

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