Fuzzy Hierarchical Tree Structure for Personnel Management Decision Support with Using Z-score Normalization
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  Faruk Gozoglu   Faruk Gozoglu
Business Analytics Expert
Turkish Naval War College


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

To maximize the efficiency of personnel management in organizations, decision makers should comply with a complex set of rules and stick to fluctuating policies for assigning people to the right jobs at the right time. These rules and policies should be transformed into meaningful intelligence and the workforce data should be interpreted easily without math expert help to forecast individual, team and organizational behavior outcomes.

In this paper Fuzzy Hierarchical Tree with Z-score normalization (FHTZ) is proposed as a tool for Human Resources intelligent data analysis. Using Z-score normalization provide for human perception for evaluating the organizational data at all levels (individual, team, organization). In this paper some well known statistical tools used to develop mathematical algorithm for computer programing In this paper 3-dimensional structure of FHTZ is also explained. 3-dimensions of Z-score tree, is a model for increasing user comprehension, help users solve different types of complex data. Results show that these dimensions (attribute, structure, integration) which provide flexibility for FHTZ, adapt well to different complex workforce data.

Faruk Gozoglu graduated from Turkish Naval Academy with an electronic engineering bachelor degree(2004). He had 4 years experience on Turkish Naval Forces platforms (2004-2008). He got a Master of Science Human Resources Management Degree from Purdue University/USA (2008-2010). He had 3 Year experience in HR Department of Turkish Naval Forces. He is still pursuing a degree from Turkish Naval War College.

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