Big Data: Setting Up the Big Data Lake
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  Joe Caserta   Joe Caserta
President and Founder
Caserta Concepts


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

In this presentation, Joe starts by asking a key question: why are we doing this? Why analyze and share all these massive amounts of data? Basically, it comes down to the belief that in any organization, in any situation, if we can get the data and make it correct and timely, insights from it will become instantly actionable for companies to function more nimbly and successfully. Enabling the use of data can be a world-changing, world-improving activity and this session presents the steps necessary to get you there. Joe explains the concept of the "data lake" and also emphasizes the role of a strong data governance strategy that incorporates seven components needed for a successful program.

Attendees at this session will get answers to the questions:

  • In the transition to Big Data, what is the toughest question that organizations must ask themselves?
  • What are the biggest challenges of big data and why is it so hard?
  • In the big data world, is there a role for the traditional warehouse?
  • How do we move information out of the data lake for business benefit?
  • What are the core technologies - and those on the horizon - that we must know about consider?
  • Why are we doing this? Why even try and analyze massive amounts of data, and where will it get us an organization?

Joe is a recognized analytics solution provider, writer, educator and President of Caserta Concepts, a New York-based technology innovation consulting firm he founded in 2001. Many in the industry also know Joe as the co-author of the best seller "The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit." Joe has built big data and data warehouse solutions for business and organizations in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Education and ecommerce, among others. He partners with CIOs to help implement practical, accessible solutions using established and emerging technologies in big data, NoSQL, data analytics and visualization. Joe is an industry thought leader whose work has been published in business and trade journals. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, forums and events and an advisory board member of select technology firms.

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