New Emerging Technologies in Data Management: It's Not Just about Big Data
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  Maria Villar   Maria C Villar
Global Vice President, Enterprise Data Management & Governance
SAP America, Inc.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

While Big Data is getting significant air time, there are 4 emerging technologies to watch:
  1. Crowdsourcing
  2. Mobile Applications
  3. Cloud solutions
  4. In memory databases
As a data management professional, ask yourself:
  1. How can this technology fit within my overall data strategy?
  2. Can the implementation of this technology inside my company have a negative impact on data quality?
  3. How can I exploit this technology to improve data quality management?
In this session, we will explore these four technologies in more detail and their impact to a data strategy, plus how they can be leveraged.

Maria drives SAP's internal master data governance program. She is responsible for driving the strategy, roadmap, processes and governance activities. Maria joined SAP in 2009 following a long career as a respected practitioner, author, trainer and consultant in helping major companies build and execute enterprise strategies in Enterprise Information Management.

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