Legacy and Enterprise Modeling in an Agile Environment
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  Alain Knechtli   Alain Knechtli
Data Architect
Gap Inc.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Many organizations are stuck with a plethora of disparate systems. This presentation will address GAP Inc.’s response to the challenge of bringing together metadata under a common framework for reporting and management. It will also include a forward looking strategy for incorporating new or narrowly technologies into the metadata framework.
  • Agile Logical modeling?
  • What’s left to model? Measuring the metadata backlog.
  • When is a model just barely good enough?
  • Ubiquitous language - Dealing with synonyms, and dialects.
  • Managing technical debt when there are discrepancies across applications and domains.
  • Modeling services.
  • Modeling new technologies.
  • How do legacy systems implement the Enterprise Logical Model?

Alain Knechtli is a seasoned data architect with over 30 years of experience across many facets of information technology. In the data architecture and metadata sphere, a partial list of Alain's clients includes GE, Cisco, Netflix, and Gap Inc. Alain is currently playing a key role in Gap Inc.'s endeavor to expand the traditional modeling paradigm to include non-traditional sources and environments. His leadership has enabled the creation of a modeling framework that includes legacy and new applications in an agile environment. He has facilitated the evolution of data architecture from a 'bottleneck' to a 'facilitator' of rapid, incremental development.

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