Using a Decision-Making Model to Improve Decision Quality
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  David Loshin   David Loshin
Knowledge Integrity


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
01:15 PM - 02:00 PM

Level:  Introductory

Early data warehouses and marts used for business intelligence that targeted senior management reporting were called “decision support systems,” but what does it really mean to “support” a decision? More commonly these systems are used to facilitate decision-making in a broad array of scenarios, providing guidance for the decision before it is made and reinforcement of the process after the decision is made, all with the intent to help people make better decisions.

Understanding what type of information is expected to make a particular decision is one step in considering the variables that are relevant for improving the process as well as ways that the right amount of information can streamline or optimize those variables. This talk introduces a simple model that abstracts some of the key facets of a decision-making scenario and can help highlight where potential gaps in knowledge can impede optimal decision-making.

The talk will then consider how “decision quality” can be assessed using a number of dimensions such as informedness, timeliness, completeness, and optimality of outcome. In turn, we describe how a model for a decision-making scenario encompasses at the very least these characteristic features:

  • Business use case
  • Relevant actors
  • Business question to be answered
  • Inputs to the decision
  • Decision points in the scenario
  • Choices presented to the decision-maker
  • Desired outcomes
  • Performance measures

Attendees will learn about:

  • Describing desired outcomes of a decision
  • Identifying the decision points within a business process flow
  • Assessing what types of decisions are properly informed
  • How actors can be guided to make optimal choices
  • Leveraging information that will lead to better overall optimal performance

David Loshin is the President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc, (, a consulting company focusing on information management solutions (information quality, business intelligence, metadata, and data governance). David is among Knowledge Integrity’s recognized experts in information management, contributing to Intelligent Enterprise and DM Review, and is a channel expert for the Business Intelligence network (

David's books include "The Practitioner's Guide to Data Quality Improvement" and "Master Data Management,” and his book, "Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager’s Guide" (June 2003) has been hailed as a resource allowing readers to "gain an understanding of business intelligence, business management disciplines, data warehousing, and how all of the pieces work together." David has created courses for TDWI, DATAVERSITY, and any other number of venues, and is often asked to provide thought leadership to the Information Management Community.

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