From Master Data Management to Model and Knowledge Management
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  Igor Ikonnikov   Igor Ikonnikov
Director, Global Information Mgt. Practice
Manulife Financial


Thursday, April 2, 2015
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The advent of the Big Data has not only questioned the existence of SQL technologies, but also poses a question of where the focus of the current Information Management function should be.

The volume, variety and veracity of the data that needs to be processed and analyzed (preferably at high velocity) suggests that even the brightest Data Scientists will soon need the new cognitive computing systems to help them.

Switching focus from Master Data Management to Model and Knowledge Management seems to be the next logical step in the evolution of the Information Management domain, which entails:

  • Changes in the current Architectural principles and approaches
  • Creation of the new layer of “Enterprise Ontology Managers”
  • Need for new technologies
Let’s review the spectrum of changes in the People, Process, and Technology strata, as well as their impact on the Information/Data Management Function.

Igor Ikonnikov is passionate about new technologies and methodologies that can bring Information Systems at par with the requirements of the 21st century.

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