Understanding the DMBOK through Modeling
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  Jeffrey Giles   Jeffrey Giles
Principal Architect
Sandhill Consultants


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Introductory

Overwhelmed by the volume of information contained within the DMBOK? Want to look at the information from a different perspective? This presentation takes the DMBOK and breaks it into a series of interrelated models organized into the DMBOK Functional Framework. Understand how organization, role, function, process and other components of the DMBOK relate to each other. The PowerDesigner model used for this presentation will be made freely available to anyone wishing to use it to better understand the Data Management practice or study for the CDMP certification.

Jeffrey Giles is Principal Architect at Sandhill Consultants. Prior to that he has worked for Sybase Inc and SAP. He has over 15 years experience in Information Technology and is recognized as Certified PowerDesigner Professional. Jeffrey has been a guest lecturer on Enterprise Architecture at the Boston University School of Management. Information management experience includes customizing Enterprise Architecture frameworks, creating model driven solution architecture for business intelligence projects. Modeling experience includes modeling and analysis of business process workflow, modeling data at the conceptual, logical, and physical levels, and UML application modeling. Possesses knowledge of both transactional and data warehousing systems. Understands the alignment of business, data, applications and technology. Has been involved in designing data governance standards, data glossaries and taxonomies.

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