The Semi-Structural Model – A Missing Effort of 'Data Modeling' in Its Broader Sense
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  Ben Hu   Ben Hu
DAMA China
  Yuvaraj Raghuvir   Yuvaraj Raghuvir
Lead, SAP’s Internet of Things and Big Data Solutions


Thursday, April 2, 2015
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Advanced

  • We felt there is no such thing as structured and unstructured data per se, data is data and the only difference is if the data is organized more, or less, structurally, or un-structurally. How about Semi-Structurally? The presentation will discuss a modeling technique which is between structural and un-structural modeling we call Semi-Structural Modeling
  • Increasingly ‘data’ is no longer just a backend IT item we need to know how to organize for the Database, and we need to understand data is, from the outset, intimately close to how humans think, represent and digest, and find a way to narrow or fill the gap in-between the above two
  • The Semi-Structural Modeling we propose particularly focus on letting humans organize the terms (data) they feel most important and of their business interest, technically supported by the modeling technique based on the ISO 704 Terminology Work, and scientifically based on the recent understanding of the human-data cognizance and computing processes
  • Our personal experience has shown that this modeling approach would help remove some ambiguity often deeply embedded in the terms used in data definition/requirement, the inefficiency and ineffectiveness in trying to resolve the disagreement on the meaning of the terms either solely un-structurally or structurally, between the business and IT and between the business units.

Ben Hu, Current Chair of DAMA China, was a former CTO at the World Bank, CIO/Advisor at Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Commissioner at China Securities Regulatory Commission, Advisory General at HP. In recent years, his interest and focus have been heavily oriented toward Data, especially those between the business and IT, and between Human, Data and Machine. He holds a BS degree in Physics and MS in Computer Science, and did graduate study on Biophysics and completed Executive Development Program at Harvard Business School on Strategy, Change Management and Finance.

Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir is currently the lead of SAP’s Internet of Things and Big Data Solutions team. Yuvaraj has been with SAP for over 14 years covering topics like development and architecture of repositories, application meta-modeling, databases, data warehousing and data management. He has a broad working knowledge of emerging technologies and their applications to Business Domains. He holds a Masters in Math and Physics from BITS, Pilani, India and Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, India.

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