Data Virtualization: A Game Changer for Intel
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  Stacie Hall   Stacie Hall
Enterprise Architect
Intel Corporation
  Atul Borkar   Atul Borkar
Sr. Enterprise Architect
Intel Coporation


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

This presentation provides Intel experience about Data Virtualization as a game changer for Intel's Data overcoming lack of consistent capability to integrate data from disparate data sources and deliver using agile standardized methods. Data Virtualization initial pilot confirmed the premise of accelerated time-to-information through three foundations:
  1. Time-to-market (TTM), new data service greater than 50-80% time savings, multiple protocol(REST, SOAP) 100% savings, not need for highly skilled programmers,
  2. Agility, decoupling data consumers from data sources/providers, merging structured/unstructured data, facilitating external data integration and
  3. End-to-end manageability, ability to track consumers, data lineage, consumption and simplified architecture and capability stack.

This presentation will provide Intel's main challenges in the process highlighting integration with Enterprise Logical Data Models and the Governance process.

Enterprise Architect @ Intel - Years at Intel: 19+ - My current role: Enterprise Architect Currently working on: - Supplier Master Data - Customer Master Data - Data Virtualization - Environmental & Social Governance/Supply Chain Sustainability - Data TRG Chair

Enterprise Architect @ Intel

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