The Five Track Approach for Agile Enterprise Information Projects
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  Bonnie O'Neil   Bonnie K. O'Neil
President and Principal Consultant
Westridge Consulting
  Eric Hartung   Eric Hartung
Owner and President
Signal Drum


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Level:  Introductory

Enterprise Information Management is about making data useful; in short, building a data-driven organization. The building out of a data warehouse, master data management initiative, or other enterprise information management endeavor involves an understanding of five areas or tracks:
  • Analysis: Business Studies and Problems to Answer
  • User Adoption: The progression towards a data-driven organization
  • Data: the content feeding the analyses
  • Process & Core Team: Building, governing and sustaining the data-driven organization
  • Platform/Technology: The technology solution(s) that will
This talk is a case study in using this five track approach for running an agile data warehouse project. It illustrates how the five tracks are run in tandem using an Agile methodology to iteratively produce a result that is both useful to the business and is sustainable.

Bonnie O'Neil is an internationally recognized expert on all phases of data architecture including data quality, business metadata, and governance. She is a regular speaker at many conferences and has also been a workshop leader at the Meta Data/DAMA Conference, and others; she was the keynote speaker at a conference on Data Quality in South Africa. She has been involved in strategic data management projects in both Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and her expertise includes specialized skills such as data profiling and semantic data integration. She is the author of three books including Business Metadata (2007) and over 40 articles and technical white papers.

The Owner and President of SignalDrum, LLC, Eric Hartung has over 23 years of experience with a focus in the Consulting, Information Technology, and Financial Services industries including people and project leadership, strategy, architecture, policy formulation, customer service, and business and technology operations. He has successfully led solution development teams in the delivery of targeted and enterprise-level solutions. Eric possesses an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry from primary lending to secondary market purchase, security pooling, issuance & servicing, default management, and portfolio analysis earned from over 18 years of work as an employee and consultant at Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and other banks and financial services firms. He has defined data sourcing, integration, reporting and metric requirements for multiple business intelligence projects focused on marketing, financial instrument performance (profitability & risk), and operational management.

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