Data Governance 2.0 - Moving from Tactical Data Governance to Strategic Data Governance for Competitive Advantage
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  Michael Miller   Michael G Miller
Global Information Architect


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Data Governance, at present, operates often as a tactical solution to a corporation’s data management problem, rather than as a strategic solution. As such, Data Governance starts out as a success in an enterprise, so long as it has significant executive support and operates in the executive limelight. Once executive management moves on to other initiatives, data governance begins to lose its luster and operates with enforcement of data standards through data toll gates. Projects not wanting to be slowed down or deterred from their mission begin to avoid Data Governance. Data Governance abilities to provide real value to the enterprise begins to erode.

‘Data Governance 2.0’ looks to move Data Governance from a tactical law enforcement position to a strategic role in the enterprise by using “Data Accelerants” that will speed project development rather than deter project development through toll gates.

This is an expansion of a presentation provided to FIMA (Financial Information Management Association) in Toronto in Sept, 2014. So well received was the concept that I will be present further details of this approach at FIMA – Boston in March, 2015 and likely back to FIMA – Toronto 2015 later in the year.

Michael G. Miller is a member of the HSBC Global Finance IT Architecture team acting as a Global Information Architect. He has responsibilities for architecture guidance of Global Finance projects. Mr. Miller has over 35 years of IT experience in banking, securities and insurance. Michael’s previous consulting roles include National Director of Enterprise Architecture and Business Intelligence, Executive Consultant CRM COE, and Principal - Management Consultant. He also teaches a class in Strategic Business Intelligence Implementation for George Washington University in Dubai, UAE. He holds a BBA and four master degrees (MBA, MPM, MTM, & MISM) and has done over two years of doctoral work in Knowledge Management. He is a member of the Data Management Association – Chicago Chapter Board (a member since 1986), a Certified Business Process Management Professional (ABPMP) and a Certified TOGAF Enterprise Architect.

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