Data Governance and Data Management: Together Like a Horse and Carriage; Or Data Governance and Data Management: the Great Mix Up
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  Mona Pomraning   Mona Pomraning
Principal, Data & Analytics /Data Management
Accenture Digital


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The data governance journey can take many twists and turn in the road. Of course everyone wants a “successful”, “fun”, “productive”, “value-added”, “sustainable”, or fill in the blank “________” journey. Sometimes the journey is successful, and sometimes not so much. Whilst there are many reasons while carriage driven journeys don’t go as planned, by far the most common reason is a combination of immature horse, selecting the wrong carriage, and ignoring the carriage driving leading practices.

In this session you will learn the following:

  • Difference between data governance and data management (i.e. how horses and carriages are defined)
  • Relationship between governance and management (i.e. how horses and carriage work together)
  • The role of the data governance champion (i.e. carriage driver)
  • The role of the DAMA wheel, ICCP, DMBoK (i.e. wagon wheel is the carriage technology, DMBoK is the drivers handbook, and the ICCP is the drivers license)
  • The role of the journey management, certification and readiness assessments (i.e. pre-check, rest stops)

Mona has worked in data roles for the last 30 years for The Boeing Company, Boeing Computer Services, Martin Marietta, Micron Electronics, Les Schwab, BP and Accenture. At Boeing, Mona was involved in data management for the 777 airplane, the first 100% digitally-designed airplane. While at Boeing, Mona Chaired the Data Resource Management Board. Mona re-established the Houston DAMA chapter and was the president, until she moved back to the Pacific Northwest. She introduced and established the Data Architect role at E&P BP, Micron Electronics and Les Schwab. She is currently in the Accenture Innovation & Thought Leadership Practice. Mona holds a BA in economics and mathematics from Eastern Washington University, an MPA from Eastern Washington University, an MS in information systems management from Seattle Pacific University, and an Advanced Certificate in data resource management from the University of Washington. She can be reached at

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