Data Privacy through the Data Governance & Information Quality Lens
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  Daragh O'Brien   Daragh O'Brien
Managing Director


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Data Privacy is an increasingly important issue for organisations. EU legislation will impose penalties of up to 5% of global turnover for any organisation processing data about EU citizens. There are 101 data privacy laws world wide, and growing.

Traditional "silo" approaches that see privacy as an issue for legal are not effective in a global data privacy context. However, as Regulators look to risk based models, it is increasingly the case that Data Governance and Information Quality principles and practices are coming to the fore as mechanisms to support compliance and enable proactive privacy risk management.

Learners will get insights into: 1) Data Privacy as a quality characteristic of information 2) "Connect the dots" thinking that links Data Privacy to Data Governance and Information Quality practices 3) Common core principles and practices from global data privacy laws 4) Specific issues arising from laws based on the European Union's Data Privacy laws

Recently rated the 24th most influential person in Information Security worldwide on Twitter (, Daragh O Brien, FICS, is a leading consultant, educator, and author in the fields of Information Privacy, Governance, Ethics, and Quality. After over a decade in a leading telco, Daragh now works with clients in a range of sectors on a range of Information Management challenges.

Daragh is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and a Privacy Officer for DAMA-l. He teaches Data Privacy Law and Practice at the Law Society of Ireland. Castlebridge is a commercial partner of the Adapt Centre in Trinity College Dublin and collaborates with the Insight Centre for Digital Analytics, Europe’s largest Analytics research group.

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