LEI Resolver and Global LEI URI Identifier POC
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  Randall Coleman   Randall Coleman
Principal Partner
Wizdom Systems Inc.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015
02:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

A global standardized Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) based on FIBO will enable banking organizations to more effectively measure and manage risk, while providing substantial operational efficiencies and customer service improvements to the financial industry.

The LEI Resolver uses semantic technologies to aggregate Legal Entity data that has been tagged with an LEI from any one of the over 26 Global LEI Registries and deliver the LEI data and related financial risk data to achieve the following benefits:

  • Single, unambiguous and web accessible identifier for a given legal identity
  • Supporting Client onboarding and/or mandated data clean up to include the LEI
  • Consumable by human via HTML or machine in RDF XML
  • Tagging financial transactions with LEI will reduce exposure to regulatory, operational, credit and reputational risk

Randy Coleman has over 44 years of experience serving DoD and Federal Governmental clients. As an industry leader in Enterprise Architecture, his advice is sought out in this field by the DoD Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO), DoD CIO and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Mr. Coleman has participated in consultations with the OMB Chief Architect, Government Accountability Office (GAO) and many Government Contracting organizations. He has taught DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) to many Government Activities and contractors. He currently is leading a strategic consulting team at DISA for re-energizing EA as part of the overall strategic processes for modernization of the DoD Information Networks (DoDIN), formerly the GIG. Mr. Coleman has led efforts supporting the development of the DoDAF 2.0 current releases by the DoD CIO and Section 804 IT Acquisition Reform effort under DepSecDef, to define how enterprise architecture under DoDAF and the JCIDS/6212 NR-KPP will be architecturally defined in support of a streamlined IT Acquisition Process. He has led a team that was the technical spearhead in the DoD for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Semantic Technologies. These technologies have been determined as the approach to solving IT efficiencies and interoperability for the DoD. Similarly he led the Business Process development activities to gain the benefits of IT Consolidation under the DoD DepSecDef and CIO. Most recently, Mr. Coleman was the Technical Lead for the Veterans Affairs (VA) Process Modeling and Design Center (PMDC), a service for development of the VA SOA based Business Enterprise based on common understanding between business owners and solution architects of people readable, machine readable process diagrams and controlled vocabulary. Throughout his career, which included being the youngest Chief of Engineering at General Dynamics Electric Boat, Mr. Coleman has brought discipline to Business and Mission Analysis practice for more effective Systems Engineering support for clients. These areas have specifically been in Enterprise and Information Architecture, Portfolio Management, Requirements Development and Management, Test and Evaluation, Interface Control and Configuration Management.

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