Smarter Data
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  Dave McComb   Dave McComb
Semantic Arts
  Sean Martin   Sean Martin
Cambridge Semantics
  Dave Duggal   Dave Duggal
Founder / Managing Director
  Idriss Mekrez   Idriss Mekrez
Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector


Tuesday, March 31, 2015
03:45 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Let there be no doubt, Data IS getting smarter. Whether it be with embedded semantics, or contextual awareness, or the ability to automatically find and link to related information, data is making significant progress to satisfying increasingly complex problems and opportunities.

This panel will delve into these capabilities and show how you can take advantage of Smarter Data for requirements ranging from focused search and query, to faster data integration, and from natural language processing to automated metadata collection.

Dave McComb has over 30 years of experience with enterprise level systems and enterprise architecture. He has built enterprise ontologies for over a dozen major enterprises.

Sean Martin has been on the leading edge of Internet technology innovation since the early nineties. His greatest strength has been the identification and pioneering of next generation software & networking technologies and techniques. Prior to founding Cambridge Semantics he spent fifteen years with IBM Corporation where he was a founder and the technology visionary for the IBM Advanced Internet Technology group. Sean has an astonishing number of Internet "firsts" to his credit. These include inventing and implementing both IBM's first Web application server and content-manager, WOM, along with its distributed Web application hosting environment, the Womplex, not to mention a number of other important web site scaling technologies.

Dave Duggal, Founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. Dave is the founder of an innovative startup EnterpriseWeb ( His company offers an award-winning application platform for dynamic, distributed, data-driven business processes. EnterpriseWeb helps organizations flexibly connect end-to-end solutions across silos, partners, technologies and protocols. The outspoken entrepreneur is a proponent of next generation ‘smart’ and dynamically adaptable software. Dave is an Inventor on several awarded patents and is author of many academic papers, articles and blogs. He is a regular conference speaker (CloudExpo, SemTech, EDW, GoTo Con, TM Forum, BPMnext, etc). Dave leads the Integration and Orchestration team for the Industrial Internet Consortium and is an active member of the TM Forum.

Serving as CTO at MarkLogic, Idriss Mekrez is responsible for developing the company’s public sector technology and solution vision. He is a functional area expert in Command and Control systems, Situational Awareness applications, Big Data, Geospatial Intelligence and Data Sharing. Prior to joining MarkLogic in 2010, Idriss occupied various leadership positions at Oracle and BEA.

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